Tips for staying in shape over the holidays

KNOW THE LAW OF CALORIES Sometimes it is good to go down to the basic level: Any calories that are consumed and not used through daily activity and exercise are stored in the body as excess adipose tissue (fat)! So, if you know that you have to miss the gym or are having a low […]

October Test Candidates

Congratulations to the October test candidates! Thank you to Instructors Bock and Peterson along with the Junior Instructors for conducting the test!

Featured Student: Alayna

Alayna receiving her third stripe on her white belt after almost a year of training! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Featured Student: Nyla

Nyla recently used verbal deescalation to help a fellow student that was being bullied at school! Nyla has been training for two months in our Self Defense system and has also completed our Bully Proof training. Great job using your words and making a positive impact!

Kicking for KC Self Defense Fundraiser

This was an event filled with fun, laughter, and learning! Participants trained in basic striking and Jiu Jitsu Self Defense as well as discussed awareness, prevention, and verbal deescalation. Thank you to everyone that participated in our Kicking For KC Self Defense fund raiser!