Month: November 2017

habit, routine, pattern

Habits, Routine, and Patterns

Our human brain loves to default to pre-programmed patterns and go on autopilot whenever possible and that is why many of us prefer routines in daily life. We are creatures of habit! It takes introspection, effort, and awareness to step back and look at the patterns that each of us put in place for ourselves. […]

Enriching Your Life

As far as we know, you only have this one life to live and life is short. So, it is important to make the most of the time that we’re given. While career, family, and social obligations are all important and necessary, I challenge you to take time for activities that make for a more […]


All items must be ordered by 12/6 and will be received at the academy by 12/18. Here’s a cool new feature, too — you can customize your t-shirt or hoodie with your name! Men’s, women’s and children’s sizes are available and all are in a new high quality! Please send an email to Instructor Buss […]


Finding and sharing a perspective of gratitude can be a life-changing and paradigm-shifting revelation. It’s all too easy to get caught up keeping up with the latest technology, fashion, or whatever trend you choose and that can be doubly true during the pressures of the holiday season. Count your blessings… Literally. Count ‘em. When you’re […]

Featured Student – Juan

Juan is a first grader that trains in our Self Defense and Bully Proof Jiu Jitsu Programs. During his recent belt promotion, his teacher wrote us a note about how he conducts himself at school. His teacher said: “Juan is respectful to his classmates and teachers. He is always doing his best work, helping those […]