5 Benefits of Training in Martial Arts

martial arts training

ThereF Or Here are five reasons to consider martial arts as part of your fitness and training routine:


If you choose a gym/style that trains in effective martial arts, one of the most obvious benefits is an increased ability to defend yourself and loved ones. This is one of the most important benefits of the time spent on the mats versus playing traditional sports or other recreational activities. Self defense is each person’s own responsibility and at our academy we believe that everyone should at least know basic self-defense techniques.


The value of spending time improving yourself is that you’ll feel better about you. That confidence can flow into all other facets of your life including your career and personal relationships. Ever wish you could command a business meeting with greater ease?  Relax more when talking to a potential date? Want to feel more comfortable walking down the sidewalk in the dark? Therefore, if you get on the mats and sweat hard, those things will be within your reach.


All people have stress that accumulates from daily life. Work demands, relationships, bills, traffic, etc. Giving yourself time and space away from those things helps tremendously. How? Because it forces you to focus on something totally different. And it will allow you to return to your daily routines with a recharged battery and a refreshed perspective.


We live in a society that has evolved to help avoid physical adversity and overall that’s a very good thing. However, our human wiring is made to face and overcome adversity.  At our academy, we encapsulate these self-imposed challenges by building ourselves to be the best “martial arts athlete” possible. For example, it might be sparring with the black belt, breaking a board with a difficult technique, doing Jiu Jitsu with the bigger partner, or performing in front of the class. Whatever it is, when you try it and are successful, you’ll have momentum that you’ll carry with you on your path.


People need people. We are social creatures and in my experience there is nothing that brings people together like facing and overcoming challenges together. There’s nothing like it when it’s your turn with the biggest, toughest, or most skilled person in the group and the buzzer sounds to start your round together. Most of all, no matter how it goes, you get to share a smile and a high five when the buzzer rings again to end the round.