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Featured Student – Juan

Juan is a first grader that trains in our Self Defense and Bully Proof Jiu Jitsu Programs. During his recent belt promotion, his teacher wrote us a note about how he conducts himself at school. His teacher said: “Juan is respectful to his classmates and teachers. He is always doing his best work, helping those […]

Featured Student: Alayna

Alayna receiving her third stripe on her white belt after almost a year of training! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Featured Student: Nyla

Nyla recently used verbal deescalation to help a fellow student that was being bullied at school! Nyla has been training for two months in our Self Defense system and has also completed our Bully Proof training. Great job using your words and making a positive impact!

Featured Student: Max

Max is a Brown Belt in our Traditional program as well as a Three Stripe White Belt in Jiu Jitsu. Recently he successfully used verbal deescalation to shut down bullying at school. Max followed our program’s #1 rule of using your words and avoiding the fight at all costs! Great work, Max!